The Inn's sweeping, dormered roof shelters a cluster of individual apartments, a collection of shops, service facilities, and other amenities for those who, while no longer able to care for their homes, still desire to live as independently as possible. The Inn welcomed its first tenants just before Christmas, 1989.

The luxurious setting beckons tenants and their guests as they enter the softly lit foyer and are greeted by name by its staff. Gracious lounges are located at the turn of every hallway in the four-winged building. Richly upholstered chairs and sofas in beautifully decorated gathering places, many with fireplaces, welcome tenants to relax and discuss the day's events. Cozy solariums await at the end of each corridor. Tenants of the Inn can stroll through the picturesque garden walk and gazebo or browse through the gift shop.

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